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The Seraphym is a superbly engineered push dagger. Designed as a fast-into play, last line of defense, the Seraphym stands out among push daggers as a result of its ergonomic, positive grip. The Seraphym's positive grip negates the tendency for push daggers to yaw in the high stress, Murphy's Law world of combat, the last thing you want is to be fumbling for a no-slip grip when the balloon goes up. It's clear that the Seraphym was designed with just such a scenario in mind.

Dimensions: 5" x 2" Blade length: 3"

Handcrafted in the USA

154CM or S30V

RC 58

Crygenically Treated

Black Micarta Handle

Sheath Included

*** Patented Design


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  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Nov 2016

    The unit i received was better than expected. I just hope to have to not use it. But deployed to certain areas might require it. I feel bad for the bad guy. Execellent!

  • 5
    "Sectio Aurea"

    Posted by Oleg on 17th Mar 2015

    Nowadays many vendors offer a similar list of features - S30V steel, micarta handle, kydex sheath. What makes Seraphym so special? - The design. It is a certain proportion between blade length and handle. The other great feature of the knife - it does not reveal any blade play in my hand. Only few push daggers can demonstrate the same positive grip. I can highly recommend this push dagger to other knife-interested folk. I like it a lot.

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    Not Completely Satisfied

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Nov 2014

    I received my Seraphym today - one month to the day after I ordered it. The knife is solid and beautifully crafted with one exception - the tip is not symmetrical. The ridge line on the backside side does not run to the tip but rather veers off to the left. Looked at on edge, the tip is clearly closer to one side than the other. While I am sure that this asymmetry does not affect the function of the blade, it significantly lessens my appreciation of the knife.

    MW Response: Every MW knife is hand made and may not be perfectly symmetrical. This will not reduce the effectiveness of the blade.

  • 5
    "Bentley" amoung the daggers !!!

    Posted by Boris on 2nd Aug 2014

    received my knife today ! john , thank you for the great service ! im the knife collector , so have deals with many manufacturers and knifes products ! saying frankly , I ve never seen the push dagger better than this! excelent craftmentship, blade sharpness ,kydex sheath - is pretty tide! no cons at all ! a little bit pricy, but it worse all spended money ! i havent tested it yet , but I msure itll do well! Shiva -will be the next!

  • 5
    the best!

    Posted by viktor on 16th Jul 2013

    pushdagger best!
    was with me in Europe, the Caucasus, Moscow)

    here I have laid out an overview:

  • 5
    Beautiful Work of Art and Deadly Serious

    Posted by Vernon on 8th Jul 2013

    I have collected many blades in my life and this is my first push dagger. I couldn't have picked a more talented group of craftsmen than the people at Mercworx to create my Seraphym in S30V.
    I am very critical when it comes to my edged weapons and this example is without any faults.
    No, I don't work for the company , but I do encourage those of you that carry a blade to treat yourself to a creation of art that would definitely find a place in any museum.
    Oh yeah, it looks beautiful gripped in your hand too, ready to defend yourself as well.
    Maybe your adversary might even be distracted looking at your Seraphym, staring as you use it to slice and dice !

  • 5
    Outstanding value for your money!

    Posted by Twigget on 23rd Apr 2012

    This was never intended for a safe queen. My Seraphym has traveled with me where ever I feel that safety is an issue. It is at home in Detroit's DMZ as well as Korea's DMZ. I know I feel safe when I carry this knife.

  • 5
    Top notch

    Posted by John N on 16th Mar 2012

    Received my Seraphym today thank you ! Flawless artistry my friend. A keeper indeed!

  • 5
    Seraphym, oh yeah

    Posted by Silly Rabbit on 10th Feb 2012

    This knife is awesome, beautifully crafted, feel/fit/finish superb, if you are in the market for a push dagger, this is the best I have seen, 30+ yrs of knife collecting...Am know awaiting my Sniper Chili ;-)